We are happy to announce the availability of MySword 10.1 for download. MySword 10.1's major features are Editor Paste Special for HTML content, improvement on People/Relationship diagram, replacement of Choose folder using ES File Explorer and bugfixes.

Please go to the Download MySword page.

What's new in Version 10.1

  1. Editor Paste Special using long tap on the Paste button for HTML/formatted content with the following options:
    1. Paste as is - similar to long tap on the Editor, tap the caret/insert handle to show menu, then tap Paste.
    2. Adapt font sizes - make all hard-coded font sizes, paddings, margins, line height and text indents (px and pt) into proportional to MySword's Text size so it can be zoomed.
    3. Adapt colors - make all text and background colors adapt to MySword Color Theme so it will adapt to different Themes like light or dark ones.
    4. No colors - remove all text and backtround colors.
    5. No styles - remove all CSS styles (formatting).
    6. Text size - default to 100 (%) used by Adapt font sizes option.
    7. Preview - preview before pasting.
  2. People relationship diagram improvement: the Show people link preference now shows the following options:
    1. Hide
    2. All - the old behavior of showing for all verses
    3. Humans only - don't show the link for God as it's already obvious and will clutter the end of verses, especially in Psalms (note that the diagram will still include God)
    4. No single nodes - exclude also persons without named direct ancestor or child like Paul
  3. Replacement of Choose folder using ES File Explorer for Lollipop and higher.

Bugs Fixed in Version 10.1

  1. Embedded translators' notes is not working on notes on titles, e.g. Psa 34:1 BSB.
  2. Split windows (Deluxe) of 3 or more panes with 2 or more non-bible panes of similar type (e.g. commentary or dictionary) but different content will have a mixed up title when Tags are updated in the Bible pane.
  3. Insert File Link in Editor (Deluxe) uses the Internal Storage file in case of same path name as External Storage.

We are making MySword better. Thank you for your feedback.

Enjoy using MySword!