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We are happy to announce the availability of MySword 11.3.1 for download. MySword 11.3.1 is just a bugfix for Main Bible view Compare Strong/Morph link as popup not working and others.

MySword 11.3's major features are Strong/Morphology popup navigation and #Number search for Deluxe.

Please go to the Download MySword page.

Bugs Fixed in Version 11.3.1

  1. Main Bible view Compare Strong/Morph link as popup not working.
  2. Strong popup navigation's line showing Strong and Morph: the Deluxe search includes an s prefix for Strong making it not to work.
  3. #Number search for Deluxe:
    1. Preference is not properly remembered
    2. Not working on encrypted Bibles

What's new in Version 11.3

  1. New Popups preference useful for smartphones: Strong popup navigation. When enabled and a Strong or Morphology is tapped on a Bible in the main view, the dictionary popup will include a Strong/Morph navigation at the top showing the following information:
    1. Blue left/right arrows for showing the previous or next Strong.
    2. Green left/right arrows for showing the previous or next Morphology or Strong (navigation includes Strong then Morphological codes).
    3. (v#/#) where the first number is the verse number which is also a link to that verse and the second number is the Strong/word position within verse.
    4. Second line showing the Strong and Morphological codes with Lemma, if any (some entries in the OT have multiple Morphological codes per Strong).

    Note: Currently, only MySword, TheWord and MyBible bibles are supported.

  2. New Morphological dictionary preference: Use Bible's morphology dictionary. Checked by default, this will make sure the packaged Morphological dictionary with the Bible is used even if there is no RMAC downloaded. To force a different dictionary, please uncheck.
  3. Improvements on the support for ESword 12.2 bbli:
    1. embedded notes/references using <not>...</not> tags
    2. <red> and <blu> tags
  4. #Number search for Deluxe. Searches for book, chapter or verse numbers given via numbers after #. E.g. #777 will try to look for book 7 (Judges) chapter 7 verse 7, any book with chapter 7 verse 77, and any book with chapter 77 verse 7.

We are making MySword better. Thank you for your feedback.

Enjoy using MySword!