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These set of tools can be used to migrate TheWord unencrypted Bible, Commentary and Dictionary modules. Click the download link below.


MySword for Android Migration Tools v.2.3 - 18 August 2012


Note that the executable files were designed to work in the Console (Command prompt, or what many people know as the DOS prompt). Also, the program is designed to run in Microsoft Windows with .NET Framework 3.5. It has not yet been tested in Mono Framework.

Simply unzip the archive file to a certain location. Then please read the ReadMe.txt for instructions on how to use the tools.

Changes in v.2.3

  1. RTF to MySword HTML conversion (RTF2MySwordHTML.dll) improvements:
    1. MLSJ conversion of special Hyperlink tw://*.*?txt=Entry will be properly converted. Currently, this is just converted to a self-link which actually means there is no entry in MLSJ as only Greek entries exist.
    2. bold/italic wrapping hyperlinks are now properly converted.
    3. initial support for RVF bullets and numbers lists including nesting. New lines (breaks entered in TheWord via Shift-ENTER) in items are also supported.
    4. support for Bible links without tags in RTF conversion if the format is BookAbbr_Chapter_Verse(range), e.g. Joh_3:16. This is because copy-paste of links in e-Sword Study Notes then migrate to TheWord commentary may not have link tags.
    5. RTF fonttbl whose list are separated by new lines are now ignored.
    6. RTF Bible links will now use the custom text link for display so that you can now see Bible links like "Ps lxx 1" as in Matthew Henry.
    7. RVF dictionary links without tid= is now supported.
    8. RTF dictionary links will now use the custom text link for display.
    9. RTF commentary self links will now work and not linked to dictionary entry.
  2. Updated TheWordBible2MySword.exe to include the if present in the TheWord file. Also made the logic that extracts information at the end of the TheWord file case-insensitive (some modules use About instead of about).
  3. Updated the dictionary migrator so that empty entries are excluded and will no longer throw an exception of Specified cast is not valid.
  4. Updated the commentary migrator so that the record that cause an error will be indicated so that it can be rectified.

Changes in v.2.2

  1. Initial support for RTL for Commentary, Dictionary and Book migration. The r2l field is now copied to a new field in the details table righttoleft and used by MySword 2.0 RC3 for proper alignment. However, the Android device must have the patch that manufacturers normally provided for their Arabic and Hebrew customers or the Android version must be at least Honeycomb.
  2. Updated RTF2MySwordHTML.dll so that the conversion of the RFT Unicode escapes of the form \u9999 will also ignore the possibly succeeding space. This will remove the unnecessary space in between Greek letters in Strong's dictionary.
  3. RTF fonttbl (font table) support. An RTF content not using Unicode escapes (old RTF version) but with Greek, Hebrew and Baltic character sets can now be properly converted (will not use one global character set). The makers of the K&D and other modules actually stripped off the font table from the content (maybe to reduced the size) so there is now a default list of fonts:
    • font 0 (default) - Windows-1252
    • font 1 - Greek - Windows-1253
    • font 2 - Hebrew - Windows-1255
  4. Dictionary originally in RTF format converted to RVF via TheWord's "Detect all verse references..." still has data in Text data type causing no data to be migrated using the old migrator.
  5. Fixed the RTF migration of Bible reference with verse 0 and dropped the :0, e.g. Psa 92:0 will become Psa 92, as reported by Peter Pellerin.

Changes in v.2.1

  1. Fixed picture extraction bug in RTF2MySwordHTML.dll for RVF content whose embedded picture contained extra RVF Strings (used for height and width). Morrish Galilee does not show as reported by a user because the image is invalid due to extra bytes at the beginning. The American Tract dictionary is also affected. Here are the entries affected:
    1. Morrish
      • Accad
      • Embalming
      • Fig, Fig-tree
      • Galilee
      • Seasons - two pictures at the end
    2. American Tract
      • Idol, Idolatry
      • Sepulchre - 3rd picture
      • Shalmaneser

Changes in v.2.0

  1. Migration of TheWord Book, Devotional and Graphics/Maps Modules. The modules created require at least MySword version 2.0.
  2. Numerous fixes in RTF2MySwordHTML.dll's RTF and RVF conversion routines. Notably, the problem with Hebrew fonts in Barnes, some missing sections in Clarke, About/Comments in Bible having \'XX where X is a hexadecimal number are fixed. The appropriate Character Encoding to use for RTF's \'XX must be set in the *.config file of the specific migrator EXE.
  3. Graphics support for Books/Journals (to make the Maps possible), Dictionaries (Morrish now grew from being 4MB to 18MB due to pictures, and we now have American Tract Society Bible Dictionary with pictures) and Commentaries (have not yet tested though).
  4. Initial support for RTL for Bible migration. The r2l field is now copied to details table's RightToLeft and used by MySword 2.0 for proper alignment. However, the Android device must have the patch that manufacturers normally provided for their Arabic and Hebrew customers.
  5. Corrected some bugs in the RTF2MySwordHTML.dll used by TheWordDictionary2MySword and TheWordCommentary2MySword.
  6. Trimmed also the Dictionary subject some words in French Strong's of Daniel Poulin have trailing space so a strong link tap from the Bible may not find an entry.
  7. Also, updated all migrators except Bible so that it will prompt the user if the module is compressed or encrypted and cannot be migrated.
  8. TheWordDictionary2MySword is updated to support self references or links to entries in the same dictionary module using ID numbers instead of word key. Version 1.0 only supports word keys and Strong's numbers. The need arose when migrating Noah Webster's 1828 Dictionary of American English.

Changes in v.1.0a

  1. Inclusion of the 64-bit version of System.Data.SQLite.DLL in x64 folder and instruction on how to run the tools in a 64-bit version of Windows.
  2. Updated ReadMe.txt that included the following:
    1. The requirement of UTF-8 format for the TheWord Bible file and how to convert non-UTF-8 format.
    2. Making the tools work for 64-bit Windows O.S.
    3. Checking the resulting MySword database outside the MySword application using a plugin/extension in Firefox.

Enjoy God's word even more!

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