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New Version - v.5.0.1

MySword 5.0.1 is just a bug fix release. It fixed the bugs: crash on some Kitkat devices; and notes editor not working on Froyo/Eclair.

MySword 5.0's major features are WYSIWYG (Rich text) Editor for Kit kat and Main UI button bar facelift for Honeycomb, ICS, Jelly bean and Kit kat. It is also possible to use the WYSIWYG in Jellybean but with some limitations. Please report to us any bugs you encountered.

As this month of March marks the third birthday of MySword, we are celebrating this with the release of MySword 5.0!

If your device is Google Play Store (Android Market) enabled, note that you can also download the stable version (MySword 5.0.1) from the Google Play Store.

If your device is not Google Play Store enabled, in your Android device's browser, click either of the download links below.

If your device is Google Play Store (Android Market) enabled, note that you can also download the new version from the Google Play Store.

If your device is not Google Play Store enabled, in your Android device's browser, click the download link below.

Download MySword latest versionLatest MySword for Android v.5.0.1 - 17 March 2014

Download MySword stable versionOlder version of MySword for Android v.4.4 - 7 December 2013

Please note that MySword requires the minimum Android version of 2.1 (Eclair) for it to be installed.

For MySword to be properly installed in your Android device, make sure the Unknown Sources setting is checked in Settings->Applications.

  1. Installation Instructions
  2. Bugs Fixed in Version 5.0.1
  3. What's new in Version 5.0
  4. Bugs Fixed in Version 5.0
  5. What's new in Version 4.4
  6. Bugs Fixed in Version 4.4
  7. Change Log of MySword - Old Versions to latest


Install MySword APK file (preferably downloading the link above in your Android device). If this message "For security, your phone is set to block installation of applications not obtained from the Android Market" or a similar one appears, you will have to enable the installation of applications from sources other than the Android Market. To do this, go to Settings->Applications and check Unknown Sources. Then try to install again MySword APK.

After successful installation, run MySword. You will then be asked to specify a folder in your SD card as a place for the Bible, Dictionary and Commentary modules. You may choose to use the default. After specifying that folder, you will be asked to download modules so that you can use MySword. You can choose the suggested modules (includes some popular English Bibles, Strong's dictionary and TSK commentary) or add more modules by tapping Bible, Commentary or Dictionary buttons and selecting modules).

You can also manually install any modules by downloading the GZip files from this site, unzipping them and copying them into the SD card folder you had specified.

Enjoy God's word!

Bugs Fixed in Version 5.0.1

  1. Some Kitkat devices crash on start up.
  2. The following load with error in Eclair and Froyo: Verse Notes editor, Mini Bible viewer on Journal editor, and Tag Notes editor.
  3. M&E is not detected as already downloaded in the Download screen.
  4. Chinese localization of word Book in Main, Download screen and Editor's Search select type.

What's new in Version 5.0

  1. Main UI button bar facelift (Honeycomb, ICS, Jelly bean, Kit kat):
    1. Button styles: classic, flat, modern, drawer (overflow)
    2. Button bar border color
    3. Button bar styles (Deluxe): default, border, gradient, gradient pingpong, gradient border, one color
    4. Button bar background color (Deluxe)

    On the left screen shot below is Display Preference Button style set to Drawer Both - Classic that uses the Classic MySword icons while on the right is set to Drawer Both - Modern using the Modern MySword icons which are flat and monochromatic. The one on the left is in Deluxe version so it is possible to set Button bar style (set to Gradient) and Button bar color (set to Pink).

    MySword 5.0 new UI

  2. New Verse Selectors (Honeycomb, ICS, Jelly bean, Kit kat): Dialer, Grid, Text. You can select the type of verse selector to use by selecting from the top combo box for smartphones or tab for tablets or by swiping the screen left and right.

    MySword 5.0 new verse selectors

    MySword 5.0 new verse selector large landscape

  3. New WYSIWYG (Rich text) Editor for Kit kat. Jellybean is also supported but with some limitations. ICS requires hardware keyboard. To switch between editors, inside the editor, tap Menu->WYSIWYG/Text editor. Please check also How to use the new WYSIWYG MySword 5.0 Editor and the Limitations.

    MySword 5.0 WYSIWYG Editor

  4. Better localization support.

Bugs Fixed in Version 5.0

  1. Detect verses in the editor will not work in case when there is a comma or semi-colon separated list of verses and a reference other than the first do not have a verse number but has book and chapter. E.g. Pro 1:1, Psa 1
  2. Translator's and tag notes with Hebrew/Greek/Latin do not use the set fonts and sizes.
  3. Module selection in Fullscreen in Kitkat automatically closes the list.
  4. Bible links nice popup sometimes jitters, shakes/scrolls down then up.
  5. Search keywords with RegExp symbols making invalid RegExp (e.g ? only) will cause a crash even if used in Non-Regular Expression searches.
  6. Select modules path with a read-only folder will exit MySword, cannot change the path and the only solution is uninstall.
  7. In case of an internal error in save Journal entry, succeeding save will show database lock.
  8. Search Journal/Book/Dictionary crashes on orientation change if there are no results yet.
  9. Search Journal Sort button is not large in Large button setting.
  10. Download list for Books and Graphics no longer highlights (green) existing modules.
  11. Strong popup can be blank if the current dictionary is Strong but is only OT/Hebrew or NT/Greek.
  12. Search Selection crashes (Deluxe).
  13. Tag notes insert image (Deluxe) with copy to images folder no longer rescan the folder so the copiend image no longer appears on the Gallery in Kitkat.

What's new in Version 4.4

  1. Kit kat support:
    1. Full screen is now fully immersed (the virtual navigation bar is invisible if present).
    2. Fixed not working Notes and Journal links, and popup View More.
    3. Fixed Bible popup not scrolling to the verse sometimes.
    4. Fixed the text selection dictionary/search long-tap lookup (Deluxe).
  2. Clearer large button icons in xhdpi and xxhdpi devices like Sony Xperia Ultra Z as well as hdpi devices like HD tablets.
  3. Editor improvements:
    1. New Highlight selector now includes colors and boxes.
    2. Highlights inside highlight (Custom CSS span class) are now allowed, e.g. %h1 Hello %h2 world%!%
    3. Multiple CSS class names is now allowed by using + as separator, e.g. %bx+bx1+h3 Hello world!%
    4. Added menu action Detect verses which can automatically make Bible verses references as links. Type the Bible references without [[ and ]] and this feature will automatically enclose them all in [[ and ]].
    5. Insert Icon (Deluxe) CSS style is changed from width:32px to min-width:32px;width:1.5em.
  4. Search improvements (available for Free version):
    1. Each search result item can now show different fonts for main text, Greek, Hebrew and Extended Latin.
    2. Added search type: Prefix and Exact (No accents). Using the same index used by Exact and No accents search types, it is similar to No accents search but it does not allow suffix and infix matches. For example: kill will not match skill but will match kill, kills, killed and killing.
    3. Added search type: Regular expression (No accents). Using the same index used by Exact and No accents search types, Java Regular Expression pattern matching is used on the app-side and not the database-engine side unlike the other search types so this is slower (4 to 5 seconds in Nexus 7 2012 edition searching ISV). But you can achieve exact search for example: \bcry\b will only match the exact word cry as \b is for word boundary. This search is for advanced search.
    4. Added Help in the Menu or Action bar which explains the differences among the search types. Examples are given as well.
  5. Show (Personal) Notes icon is now separated from Show Translators' Notes.
  6. Tag Notes (Deluxe) now use the full editor by default:
    1. In Tag screen, go to Menu/Action bar, select Preferences and uncheck "Use full editor for tag notes" if old editor is desired.
    2. Insert image button will not save the image into any module but may ask you to copy the file into mysword/images folder.
    3. With Adhoc notes tag, you can now easily insert pictures and show them in the Bible.
      Hebrew Bible
      For example, you can place the promises, visions and dreams the Lord had placed in your heart.

Bugs Fixed in Version 4.4

  1. Clear abbreviation cache in Preferences is disabled in Free version.
  2. The Main view content freezes in ASUS Jelly bean after Search, Editor or About but refreshes again after popup.
  3. Wrong previous/next navigation in some Commentary entries, e.g. Barnes Psa 3:1 and Bridgeway 1Co 10:23. This is caused by non-sequential ids.
  4. Search result does not highlight non-prefix keyword if search type is non-FTS but FTS index is present.
  5. About Module with large content like Wight Manners causes a crash.
  6. TS1998 search results and preview does not properly show accented characters even if the result is using the Extended Latin font.
  7. Search result preview will not properly use the Hebrew, Greek or Latin font if those words (Hebrew, Greek and Latin) are part of the keywords searched.
  8. Verse Selector book name wraps in Large Font and displays only one line so 1 Thessalonians reads 1.
  9. Included the Single high-reversed-9 quotation mark (‛) which looked like grave accent in Latin font so that it can be properly displayed in some Strong's transliteration when using ordinary font as the main font. E.g. H6098 עצה ‛êtsâh
  10. Popup of Merged XRefs for Greek and Hebrew text do not use the font and font sizes.
  11. Links of modules with abbreviation containing + does not work.
  12. Does not allow overlapping words of Jesus in red and format highlight (Deluxe).
  13. New tag save, update then save again will create two tags.

Enjoy God's word even more!

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