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New Version - v.6.1

MySword 6.1's major features are Compact mode improvements and long tap text to show popup on Non-Compact mode. Some bugs like crashing on Eclair and Froyo as well as in Gingerbread using large buttons, and small screen device on Compact mode were also fixed.

If your device is Google Play Store (Android Market) enabled, note that you can also download the stable version (MySword 6.1) from the Google Play Store.

If your device is not Google Play Store enabled, in your Android device's browser, click either of the download links below.

If your device is Google Play Store (Android Market) enabled, note that you can also download the new version from the Google Play Store.

If your device is not Google Play Store enabled, in your Android device's browser, click the download link below.

Download MySword latest versionLatest MySword for Android v.6.1 - 28 March 2015

Download MySword stable versionOlder version of MySword v.6.0 - 18 March 2015

Please note that MySword requires the minimum Android version of 2.1 (Eclair) for it to be installed.

For MySword to be properly installed in your Android device, make sure the Unknown Sources setting is checked in Settings->Applications.

  1. Installation Instructions
  2. What's new in Version 6.1
  3. Bugs Fixed in Version 6.1
  4. What's new in Version 6.0
  5. Bugs Fixed in Version 6.0
  6. Change Log of MySword - Old Versions to latest


Install MySword APK file (preferably downloading the link above in your Android device). If this message "For security, your phone is set to block installation of applications not obtained from the Google Play" or a similar one appears, you will have to enable the installation of applications from sources other than the Android Market. To do this, go to Settings->Security and check Unknown Sources. Then try to install again MySword APK.

After successful installation, run MySword. You will then be asked to specify a folder in your SD card (or internal storage) as a place for the Bible, Dictionary and Commentary modules. You may choose to use the default. After specifying that folder, you will be asked to download modules so that you can use MySword. You can choose the suggested modules (includes some popular English Bibles, Strong's dictionary and TSK commentary) or add more modules by tapping Bible, Commentary or Dictionary buttons and selecting modules).

You can also manually install any modules by downloading the GZip files from this site, unzipping them and copying them into the storage folder you had specified.

Enjoy God's word!

What's new in Version 6.1

  1. Long tap text to show Popup menu is now also supported in Non-Compact mode for Jellybean and higher. You can disable the menu in both modes in Display Preferences.
  2. Compact mode improvement: top right menu buttons can now be customized (go to Preferences->Buttons Arrangement->Compact mode menu (top right).
  3. Dark and Light Holographic themes are now supported in QVGA or small devices (with smallest screens like Galaxy Chat, Pocket and Star).
  4. Bookmark and Verse List will now auto select the newly added verse so that if Select/Save is tapped next the current verse will not change.
  5. New Display preferences:
    1. Volume control page change: enabled by default (original behavior) but can be disabled to use volume control in change volume and not for page up and down.
    2. Parallel swipe page navigation: to enable horizontal swipe to change page in Parallel view, good if all columns fit.
  6. In compact mode, added Prev/Next links on the top in Parallel view.
  7. Compact mode long tap Dictionary lookup (Deluxe) will now show as popup if Dictionary link as popup is enabled.

Bugs Fixed in Version 6.1

  1. MySword crashes on Froyo and Eclair. It also crashes on Gingerbread if Larger Button size is selected.
  2. Compact mode crashes on QVGA devices (smallest screens like Galaxy Chat, Pocket and Star).
  3. External MySword links (in SMS, email, etc) and apps linked to MySword (Bible Reading Plan, etc) will cause a crash in case MySword is not running in the background.
  4. WYSIWYG Editor's increase/decrease indent on list create invalid nesting of HTML list even though it is still displayed properly.
  5. Verse list slows down on verse range spanning many verses like Psa 119:1-176.

What's new in Version 6.0

  1. New Compact mode for ICS, Jellybean, Kitkat, Lollipop and higher: one Action bar on the top and no bottom bar.

    Compact mode

    1. You can switch via Menu->Compact mode and switch back to normal dual button bar mode via Menu->Non-Compact mode.
    2. Upper-left home menu or swipe from left to show the Navigation Drawer similar to the Button style: Drawer top or both. This drawer also contains for Bible: Bible view preferences, Verse list and Parallel. The number on the right of the module type gives the number of modules.

      Compact mode navigation drawer

    3. To the right of the home menu is the Module selector and Topic/Verse selector.
    4. For tablets, the Bible view has two additional buttons after the Verse selector: Bible view preferences and Verse list; the Journal view also has two additional buttons: New journal entry and Edit journal entry. For phones, these actions must be selected via the Navigation Drawer.

      Compact mode tablet

    5. Menu is now on the upper right overflow button in case the device do not have a hardware menu button (it is also still available on the virtual button at the bottom in some devices).
    6. Search and Bookmarks are added on the menu and shown on the Action bar as icons if they can fit (Search only for small devices).
    7. The lower right now have the page scrollers always visible.
    8. The lower left contains the previous/next navigation (long tap for history as usual) and sub-menu button for those actions that are normally on the former bottom button bar: Format, Highlight, Tag, Highlight Words, Text-to-speech, Text-to-speech Settings, Share text and Split view panes.

      Compact mode bottom menu

    9. Long tapping a word content will also show a popup menu (not available in ICS) similar to the bottom sub-menu button actions. In Deluxe, when a word is selected, that word will appear in two menu items: Search word and Lookup word (for dictionary lookup).

      Compact mode popup menu

  2. New Display Preference: Show topic in fullscreen (default to No). There will be a gray text on the top in full screen to indicate the Bible and verse for Bible view or Module name and topic in other views.
  3. Modern system icons are now Material Design compliant: smaller but simpler.
  4. Search Bible View More now have Compare.
  5. Default Action bar color (Free) and Button Bar color (Deluxe) resulting Action bar color for Lollipop's Light Material Design theme is no longer very saturated (bleeding).
  6. Copy current Journal entry into another Journal (Premium). Please see the Copy button on the top bar or the Navigation drawer for Compact mode.
  7. Word Occurrence (Deluxe): given keywords, determine the occurrences per Bible chapter and list from highest to lowest to know where those keywords occur most. Note that this is a string search if there is no Exact / No accent search index for the module, though case-insensitive (in English), it will still include prefixes, infixes, suffixes and words in titles and notes for Bibles. Commentary and Personal notes are per verse while Dictionary, Journal and Book are per entry/topic. See Menu->About->Word Occurrence.
  8. Word Frequency (Deluxe): given a Bible verse range or a verse for Commentary and Notes or a topic for other module types, list the words found and the frequency. See Menu->About->Word Frequency.
  9. The regular hyphen (-), square brackets [ ], curly braces { }, slash (/) and back-slash (\) are also now excluded in the Exact and FTS Exact (Deluxe). Please reindex the modules via Search screen.

Bugs Fixed in Version 6.0

  1. Problem showing menu in full screen of Lollipop because the showing of the virtual buttons hides again the menu.
  2. Starting full screen then switch back in Kitkat and higher no longer shows the status bar.
  3. Editor Insert Link verse range (Premium) crashes if the current Bible is compare.
  4. In Split Modules path, dropping zipped font files on the internal storage modules path does not work as the files are extracted into fonts under the internal storage and not the external storage for split.
  5. Bookmark Commentary and Personal Notes (Deluxe) use the current Bible verse and not the Commentary's or Notes'.
  6. In Search split preview (Deluxe), the Compare in popup does not work.
  7. Bookmarks/Verse List change Group (Deluxe) then save without tapping an item can cause a crash.

Enjoy God's word even more!

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