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New Version - v.7.4

MySword 7.4's major features are Search improvements for encrypted modules, Text-to-speech, editor and Popup improvements.

If your device is Google Play Store (Android Market) enabled, note that you can also download the stable Free version (MySword 7.4) from the Google Play Store.

Please note that only the Free version is now available in Google Play while the one available from this website can be upgraded to Premium or Deluxe version. The website version can always be installed over the Google Play version by checking Unknown sources (Android Settings->Security).

If your device is not Google Play Store enabled, in your Android device's browser, click either of the download links below.

If your device is Google Play Store (Android Market) enabled, note that you can also download the new version from the Google Play Store.

If your device is not Google Play Store enabled, in your Android device's browser, click the download link below.

Download MySword latest versionLatest MySword for Android v.7.4 - 6 December 2016

Download MySword stable versionOlder version of MySword v.7.3.1 - 13 October 2016

Please note that MySword requires the minimum Android version of 2.1 (Eclair) for it to be installed.

For MySword to be properly installed in your Android device, make sure the Unknown Sources setting is checked in Settings->Applications.

  1. Installation Instructions
  2. What's new in Version 7.4
  3. Bugs Fixed in Version 7.4
  4. Bugs Fixed in Version 7.3.1
  5. What's new in Version 7.3
  6. Bugs Fixed in Version 7.3
  7. Change Log of MySword - Old Versions to latest


Install MySword APK file (preferably downloading the link above in your Android device). If this message "For security, your phone is set to block installation of applications not obtained from the Google Play" or a similar one appears, you will have to enable the installation of applications from sources other than Google Play. To do this, go to Settings->Security and check Unknown Sources. Then try to install again MySword APK.

After successful installation, run MySword. You will then be asked to specify a folder in your SD card (or internal storage) as a place for the Bible, Dictionary and Commentary modules. You may choose to use the default. After specifying that folder, you will be asked to download modules so that you can use MySword. You can choose the suggested modules (includes some popular English Bibles, Strong's dictionary and TSK commentary) or add more modules by tapping Bible, Commentary or Dictionary buttons and selecting modules).

You can also manually install any modules by downloading the GZip files from this site, unzipping them and copying them into the storage folder you had specified.

Enjoy God's word!

What's new in Version 7.4

  1. Search Highlight improvement: added option for All which also shows the highlight on verse references.
  2. Text-to-speech (TTS) improvements:
    1. Better support for TS2009's Hebrew and for other modules as well: This will prevent Hebrew words and other non-English words from being skipped by TTS. A word map file named tts-wordmap.txt is created on the mydata folder. It is initially configured for TS2009 and the associated dictionary with 2 Hebrew word entries mapping to English equivalents, and two quotes used in Hebrew names transliterate to English. Please see the file on how to extend it and use for other modules as well.
    2. Speeds greater than 1 now have proportionate faster pause between verses.
  3. Popup improvements:
    1. Dictionary popups now has a heading that can be tapped to see the word in other similar dictionaries for Kitkat and higher. This is useful for example in Strong's popup and you want also to see it in AHLB without going back to the Main view. For Strong's, the equivalent Hebrew/Greek word or phrase or break down of words in the phrase are also looked up so that Hebrew/Greek dictionaries are also used.
    2. Non-range verses in Merged Bible references now have Compare links (also in Verse List preview).
    3. Auto-detect verses now included the following book abbreviations: Gn, Lv, Nm, Dt, Mr, Jo, Rv.
  4. New preference: Compact buttons opacity. You can now adjust the opacity (default 70%) of the compact mode buttons and page scrollers. Please see the Display settings section.
  5. Support for special dictionary link/href of the form of 'd-*word' or 'd-=word' for Kitkat and higher for module creators:
    1. 'd-*word' will show a list of non-Strong dictionaries where the word or nearest it is found, a popup showing the dictionary entry will appear when a dictionary is selected.
    2. 'd-=word' will only show Strong's in case the dictionary it is used is Strong, all otherwise.
    3. 'd-=word1%09word2%09word3' will lookup the tab delimited words beginning with the leftmost and using exact or no accent (if available) match.
    4. 'd-=Strong' will lookup not only Strong but also Hebrew/Greek dictionaries. Actually all dictionaries will be looked up except those whose abbreviations are in the active settings.mybible tabletsettings table entry for strong.lookup.exclude.list (default to all English/Bible dictionaries).
    5. In case there is only one dictionary where it is found, the list will no longer show.
  6. Better no accent dictionary word (if dictionary has it) support: switching between 2 dictionaries with different accent but same no accent is now possible.
  7. Editor improvements:
    1. Popup notes Full editor now supports images just like the Tag notes editor.
    2. Added Find in Page in Mini Bible viewer (Premium).
    3. Detect verses now included the following book abbreviations: Gn, Lv, Nm, Dt, Mr, Jo, Rv.
  8. File export (Premium) improvement: images under images and icons external folder are now properly exported.
  9. Support for Text-to-speech (TTS) for popups (Deluxe). The play/stop button is on the lower right. You can disable (hide the button) by going to Menu->Preferences->Popups then uncheck Text-to-speech.
  10. Support for dictionary lookup (Deluxe) on text selection for Kitkat and higher for popups, Search/Editor preview, Editor Mini Bible viewer, and Search/Editor split panes on the right. Note that the Display setting/preference Long tap popup menu should be checked.
  11. Horizontal scrolling (Deluxe) new preference: Repeat background into columns. When the number of columns is 2 or more and a background image is set in the Color Theme, you can check this setting so that the image will be duplicated per column. Please see the Display settings section.
  12. Dictionary lookup improvements (Deluxe):
    1. Dictionary lookup in... now properly supports no accent if the dictionary has the special field.
    2. Long tap Dictionary button for lookup new option: List dictionaries instead of using Main/Secondary. This is useful for Jellybean or lower as the popup menu is not supported.
    3. Dictionary lookup in... list will not auto close in case Dictionary as popup is checked.

Bugs Fixed in Version 7.4

  1. The Bible verse rule will fail if it is a replacement of empty string.
  2. Backup/Restore does not include verse list, reading plan, synonyms and other custom settings files.
  3. Insert book link in Editor creates an invalid link without book if the current book is different.
  4. Compare link is not working in Mini Bible viewer (Premium) of the Editor.
  5. Reading Plan (Deluxe) bug fixes:
    1. Multiple readings are always ordered by Bible books and not by original tracks like in M’Cheyne (e.g. day 1 should be Gen 1, Mat 1, Ezr 1 and Act 1; Mat and Ezr should not be reversed).
    2. M’Cheyne Aug 4 to Dec 31 should have Psalms first before Luke/John.

Bugs Fixed in Version 7.3.1

MySword 7.3.1 is just a bugfix and there are no new features added. The following are the bugs fixed:

  1. Popups do not work properly on Large Button size setting.
    1. An error message is displayed regarding setVisibility or null.
    2. Some popups like Extract verses, Compare via long tap menu, Search results and Editor previews crash MySword.

What's new in Version 7.3

  1. Search improvements for encrypted modules:
    1. For English modules, a use FTS message no longer pops up as it is already made the default.
    2. For non-English modules like ABP and HiSB, the No accent (diacritics) index is automatically selected if available and no use FTS message is displayed.
    3. Create or use FTS message now also includes No accent (diacritics) in the suggestion.
  2. Grid Verse Selector improvement for tablets: chapter and verse now initially scrolls to the current making them visible in case of long list like Psa 78 and 119.
  3. Bible compare improvement: the notes icon (if any) is now linked to the notes.
  4. WYSIWYG Editor copy/insert verse improvements: bold, italic and words of Jesus format are now retained.
  5. Lemma lookup:
    1. Support for Lemma lookup for Bibles with Morphology and parsing info like Byz2005++, GRV, GRVx, TR and TRa:
      1. The lemma link is placed besides the Morphology key
      2. The Greek and Hebrew Lemma dictionaries for lookup can be set on the Preferences. The default for Greek is either LSJ or MLSJ if present. Currently, there is no official Hebrew dictionary that can be used for Lemma lookup yet except SEC of BHSE (which is just based on BDB/Thayer/Strong).
      3. The dictionary lookup is no accent if the dictionary supports it like the LSJ and MLSJ.
    2. Lemma lookup can also be used for Strong's dictionaries: The Original line with Hebrew and Greek words afterwards will have individual word links in case the Lemma dictionaries are selected (multiple words lookup will not do). This is useful for KJV and those with Strong's but no Morphology Lemma entries so you can directly link to other dictionaries like LSJ or MLSJ.
  6. Editor's Mini Bible Viewer (Premium) improvements:
    1. Modern theme is now supported.
    2. Added Copy verse button before the Close button to copy the currently selected verse into the Editor.
    3. In WYSIWYG, taping a Bible link then opening the Mini Bible Viewer will automatically go to that verse and translation.
  7. Tag (Deluxe) improvements:
    1. Additional filter types (upper left selector) aside from All, Text and Icon, and changed behavior:
      1. Used - only those that are currently used (use count is not zero). This is useful for making the Tag screen load faster.
      2. External - icons in the external folder (named icons) only. Note only the icons on the root folder are listed.
      3. sub-folders inside the external folder. This is useful for grouping external icons. Please note that in case you manually move icons from the root to sub-folders for organization purposes, take care to update also manually the folder field of the tag records affected in tags.mybible file tags table using an SQLite Manager.
      4. All - note that this does not include the sub-folders for performance reasons.
      5. Text - no longer includes used external folder icons.
    2. Filter type and filter text/key are now saved in the settings database so that they are remembered in case of reboot or MySword is evicted by the Android OS from memory.
    3. Added Menu->Default placement so you can select other than Default.
    4. Delete tag used in verses is now possible but with confirmation code.

Bugs Fixed in Version 7.3

  1. List selection highlighting is not properly working in Android Nougat in Standard and Dialer, Editor's add image and the Deluxe Group Bookmark and Verse List.
  2. Search of Encrypted modules like ABP and HiSB always uses the FTS if present even if No accent (diacritics) is selected and index was present.
  3. Notes details crashes in case you are editing a verse of a book that is not available in the active Bible, e.g. editing Pro 1:1 using JMNT which is NT only.
  4. Horizontal Scrolling (Deluxe feature) is no longer working in Chrome WebView 46 and higher (Lollipop and higher) on Search results, right preview pane (tablet) as well as the non-tablet's Preview for search View more and Editor.
  5. Highlight Words (Deluxe feature) crashes when selecting a new highlight color.

Enjoy God's word even more!

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