New and updated modules are uploaded today (10 April 2013).

The following Bibles were updated:

  1. International Standard Version Bible (ISV)
  2. King James Version without Strong's numbers (KJVLite) - the Psalms and Proverbs are reformatted with Poetry indentations for paragraph mode in Premium or Deluxe versions.
  3. World English Bible modules updated to the latest 27 March 2013 update. The following are the updated versions:
    • World English Bible (WEB)
    • World English Bible: British Edition (WEBBE)
    • World English Bible: Messianic Edition (WEBME)
    • World English Bible: Messianic Edition (The Hebrew Names Version) (HNV)
  4. New Heart English Bible modules updated to the latest 9 April 2013 update. The following are the updated modules:
    • New Heart English Bible (NHEB)
    • New Heart English Bible Messianic Edition (NHEB-ME)
    • New Heart English Bible Special Edition (Jehovah) (NHEB-JE)
    • New Heart English Bible Special Edition (YHWH) (NHEB-YHWH)

The ISV and NHEB modules were also reformatted with Poetry indentations for paragraph mode in Premium and Deluxe versions. The Poetry formatting is available only in MySword 4.0 and up in paragraph mode. The old WEB, LEB and NET modules are already formatted for Poetry format although the NET only have one indent but is now displayed as hanging indent.

The following Bibles were added:

  1. Apostolic Bible Polyglot Greek-English Interlinear (ABP) - Courtesy of The Apostolic Press
    • The Apostolic Bible Polyglot is an interlinear Septuagint and Greek New testament translation from Greek to English that also includes a numbering system, called "AB-Strong's", a modified version of Strong's concordance. Printed edition is available from their website:
    • MySword 4.0 now included an Interlinear view that allows you to easily read the Greek in one line as well as the English in another line; the Strong's numbers are on another separate line between the Greek and English.
  2. New Heart English Bible Special Edition (Jesus Messiah) (NHEB-JM)

MySword 4.0 will soon be released this week.

You may download these Bibles by going to the Download page:

Alternatively, you can also download them directly via MySword running in your Android device. Just go to Menu->More->Download modules. Then select the module type, language (if any), then the modules, and start downloading.

Enjoy reading God's Word!

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