We are happy to announce the availability of MySword 8.0 for download. MySword 8.0's major features are Format (highlight/tag/annotation) for non-Bible views (Deluxe) and other improvements.

As this month of March marks the sixth birthday of MySword, we are celebrating this with the release of MySword 8.0!

Please go to the Download MySword page.

The noteworthy new features of MySword 8.0 are:

  1. Google Play tablet support compliance. For tablets without physical home/back buttons in Non-Compact mode, the virtual menu at the bottom right is now gone but a new one is displayed at the upper right. This is an alternate to the (Blue) Gear button at the bottom and can be hidden in Preferences->Display settings (can also be shown in phones, though it will cramp the upper buttons area).
  2. New Display setting: Scroll auto select verse. Scrolling that causes the current verse to be out of view will automatically select a visible verse adding to navigation history and syncing also other views in case of split view.
  3. Support for special commentary link/href of the form of 'c-* verse' or 'c-= verse' for Kitkat and higher for module creators:
    1. 'c-* verse' will show a list of commentaries that has entry for the verse, a popup showing the commentary entry will appear when a commentary is selected. In case there is only one commentary where it is found, the list will no longer show.
    2. 'c-= verse' will show a list of commentaries with plain text content (first 500 characters) for the verse, a popup showing the full commentary entry will appear when a commentary abbreviation is tapped.
    3. At the top of the list of commentaries, there is Compare which shows the first 500 characters of each commentary.
    4. The Compare max length default of 500 can be changed in Preferences->Other Look and Feel.
  4. Option to show commentary link on Bible verse which shows a list of commentaries for the verse:
    1. On Other look and feel preference, there is Show commentary link to add a link at the end of every verse. Also added it near the end of Bible Preferences.
    2. Commentary link text can be selected from a list of symbols and emojis or a Custom text can be entered.
    3. At the top of the list of commentaries, there is Compare which shows the first 500 characters of each commentary.
    4. Added Commentary link on Bible verse popup as well as the Merged XRefs and Bible references.
  5. Long-tap verse popup menu now included Commentaries for the verse which list all commentaries with entries and a Compare option at the top of the list.
  6. Better support for Morphology dictionaries:
    1. It is now possible to select a different Morphology dictionary other than the default RMAC (in Preferences). For module creators, add a field to Details table named Morphology and set the value to 1.
    2. Morphology links with codes not found in the selected Morphology dictionary will be automatically looked up on other morphology dictionaries so that different formatting or codes like in BIB can use its internal dictionary instead of the RMAC.
  7. Bibles with many verse rules now load a little bit faster (e.g. BHSE).
  8. Editor improvements:
    1. Support for abbreviation with spaces in dictionary, commentary and book links.
    2. Support for icons subfolders in Insert Icon (Deluxe).
  9. Highlighting/Formatting for non-Bible views (Deluxe) for Kitkat and higher:
    1. Select any text range (even partial words) and apply Bold, Italic, Underline, Color, Highlight and Box similar to Bible's Format feature.
    2. Insert after a highlighted text an Adhoc notes similar to Bible's Tag text or Adhoc notes.
    3. Insert after a highlighted text an icon similar to Bible's Tag icons.
    4. Edit the HTML content of the selected text (the whole encompassing HTML element's content).
    5. Enable editing directly of content for direct annotation.
    6. Search also included a new search type: Format


    Note that the edited content is not directly saved to overwrite the original content but only the difference with the original content (diff patch) is saved in format file. If there is a significant change in the original content (updated module), some diff patches may not work because of missing anchor context.

  10. Reading Plan Own Pace (Deluxe) improvements:
    1. Picking up created journals for a verse range read is now accurate to the verse number (before only up to the chapter number).
    2. Adding a verse reading now gives a warning when the verse from or to is invalid.
  11. Long tap lookup dictionaries (Deluxe) now included Compare which shows the first 500 characters of each dictionary. The Compare max length default of 500 can be changed in Preferences->Other Look and Feel.

Bugs Fixed in Version 8.0

  1. Nougat Standard Verse Selector bugs:
    1. Selecting NT in Range then selecting a book causes a crash.
    2. Selecting a Jump book then selecting another book sometimes retains the highlight on the previous book.
  2. Error loading bible chapter with a verse containing empty Translators notes: <RF><Rf>; e.g. version 2.3.1 or lower of ASV.
  3. Book/Journal links to itself does not work in popup if the active book/journal is different (e.g. a book link is added to a journal entry).
  4. When Horizontal scrolling (Deluxe) is enabled and in Parallel view, the Scroll Up/Down buttons don't work.
  5. Reading Plan (Deluxe) crashes when checking Rev 22.

We are making MySword better. Thank you for your feedback.

Enjoy using MySword!

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