We are happy to announce the availability of MySword 5.5 for download. MySword 5.5's major features are Verse list with range capability, Lollipop Dark and Light Material theme support in Android 5.0 devices, and Editor improvements.

Please go to the Download MySword page.

The noteworthy new features of MySword 5.5 are:

  1. Samsung Pen Window (floating resizeable window) support.
  2. Lollipop Dark and Light Material theme support in Android 5.0 devices (see Android/Honeycomb theme).

    Bible Material theme Verse List Material theme

  3. Hide/show top, bottom and editor buttons. Please go to Preferences->Buttons arrangement.
  4. New bottom button: Copy - copy current verse, long tap to copy verse range.
  5. Bookmark Manager improvements:
    1. Copy list to clipboard
    2. Paste list from clipboard
    3. Edit bookmark group name via Menu/Action bar (Deluxe)
  6. Verse list with range capability:
    1. Manage verse list similar to Bookmarks but with specific translation attached to the verse (that can be optionally removed through Edit verse)
    2. See the first part of the verse in the list (what can fit in 2 lines)
    3. Show all verses with Bible text similar to Merged Bible references popup
    4. Add to list from search results
    5. Paste to Editor as Bible references or with Bible text
    6. Create verse list group (Deluxe)
  7. Editor improvements:
    1. Added Numbered list in the Format menu in WYSIWYG which can be used for outline numbering.

      Numbered List

    2. Automatic text pattern in WYSIWYG:
      1. numbered list when you type 1. text then Enter. Also for I. text and A. text all using outline numbering.
      2. h1. text for heading 1. Also for h2. to h6. text
      3. * text and - text for bullets
    3. Added Remove format in the Format menu in WYSIWYG. You can now hide the Remove format icon to lessen the button count.
    4. Added in the menu Rearrange Buttons so you can rearrange, hide or show the buttons without leaving the editor.
  8. Search improvement: new type Search Format (Deluxe).
  9. Main screen will no longer shift down when a long tap for selection is done as the contextual action bar now overlays the top area.
  10. Single choice selection radio button graphic for Holo theme now follows the correct graphic for the theme just like in Bookmarks. E.g. verse range, size selection, font selection, etc.
  11. Parallel view in verse mode option to show Difference (Deluxe). This can be used to compare almost similar Bible versions like NHEB and WEB, an old and updated version like KJV and KJ2000, or different Greek manuscripts.

    Parrallel Diff

The following bugs were fixed:

  1. Search does not focus with keyboard any more on blank search text box or zero results in ICS or higher.
  2. Selecting a new verse in Bible in the same chapter then switching to commentary when verse is contained like in EasyEnglish or Matthew Henry does not update the verse number so that when you go to Bible (not using Back button) the verse number goes back to the old.
  3. In Lollipop and some custom Android: Download failed for mysword_modules.xml... unknown format (magic number 3f3c)
  4. In Kitkat, the cursor is not shown after Detect verses but pressing Enter deletes the entire current line; while in Jellybean it always go to the top.
  5. Search Tag does not display images in the list due to Hardware acceleration.
  6. Detect verses in Editor does not work when there are custom fonts.
  7. Custom Tag positioning (Deluxe) does not properly account for the Strong tags.
  8. Highlight Words (Deluxe) limit is properly saved but not retrieved in the selection list as it is using the Dictionary word list limit.

We are making MySword better. Thank you for your feedback.

Enjoy using MySword!

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